Sus Hijos / His Children is a Salvadoran-based Christian NGO with many active projects focused to fulfill God’s plans on the lives of the orphan population in El Salvador. Our multidisciplinary staff used to work at the Transition Houses, at the States Diner, at the Mission House, and even on the field working for The Lord. We were in need of a place where we could work together an action plan for each and every Project we have, besides keeping an eye on every legal process and documentation we need to have since we are an NGO. Since 2014, our meetings, workspace, offices and activities used to take place between the Mission House and the States Diner. Our accountant’s office used to be a modified storage room at the Mission House. The States Bakes used to occupy one of the corners of the States Diner. At the end of  2019, the House Building program began to use the Boys Transition House’s garage as a warehouse and building area. 


It was obvious that we needed some sort of headquarters, which cannot be secret HQ. Since the beginning of 2020, we have been searching for a place to move, and in July we found the perfect place and struck a deal to make our offices out of this new place. It has a lot of space, enough to house our accountants, our psychologist, our operations manager, our mission teams coordinator, our president, the House Building Warehouse, and the bakery along with the machines and all its staff. The HQ will be located near El Salvador del Mundo, a very economically active neighborhood surrounded by offices, banks, call centers and restaurants. The States Bakes resumed its operations as soon as they were done with the moving. The Building program has begun moving all their stuff to the new warehouse as well. The new place has 4 parking spaces and is closed gated, plus we have installed a video and alarm security system.


As we walk into the new HQ, we begin to smell coffee and sweets from the States Bakes’ counter. As we go on, we reach the waiting area and the receptionist’s desk. Next, we have the psychologist’s office, the conference area, the accountant’s office, and both the President and Operations Manager’s office. Beside the receptionist’s desk, you will find the main entrance to the bakery, where we prepare all the orders that come through.


At this moment, we try to have as few visitors as possible because of the covid19 pandemic. We still have business and staff meetings, but we take all the precautions possible to avoid the spreading of the virus. Now more than ever, we are thankful with God’s mercy towards us as He has opened doors for us and we managed to keep running during this trial times. We pray to Him so that he can bless this new place where we can wisely plan our next moves and organize our projects better.