This is our beloved States Diner, a school/restaurant where Salvadoran orphans can come and learn skills that they can use to make their and the lives of their families better.  Here they have the opportunity to gain working experience without having their education completed, their past lives are not judged, and they don’t need any experience at all since we teach them everything. We are blessed to have three different locations where to put these kids to work: The States Diner, both States Diner café, and the States Bakes. Since September, 2018, both States Diner and States Bakes were located in front of El Paseo Mall around Colonia Escalon, they shared the same building located in a very economically active area. The States Diner is run as a restaurant and as a culinary school, teaching orphans how to cook american food, clean the kitchen and its utensils, and serve and welcome clients to an American Diner. State Bakes used to occupy one corner of the restaurant to prepare the diner’s desserts as well any bakery order that came through asking for burger or hot dog buns. In September, 2019, the San Salvador town hall struck a deal with us allowing two new cafés at Cuscatlán Park after it was remodeled. The States Diner Cafés began selling snacks, beverages and lunches. We are more than grateful with God and the people who support us run these three projects where orphans find opportunities to grow. Thanks to them, these kids can learn how to cook american food, keep a restaurant clean and organized, welcome customers and serve them menu items, and more.


Since March, Sus Hijos / His Children had plans to relocate the restaurant and the bakery. Unfortunately, the COVID19 pandemic made us change our moving plans and even forced us to temporarily shut down the restaurant and the cafés. During our shutdown, we managed to move the restaurant one block away from our previous location, and the bakery was relocated next to our new Headquarters. Once we were done with the moving in July, the States Bakes fully resumed its operations and has been active since. The States Diner is back to normal since the government let restaurants open their doors at the end of August, as we were only working delivering food.


We know that our three projects will be running smoothly soon, we just need to be patient and careful during this pandemic. As mentioned before, the States Diner had to pause for a couple of weeks but resumed its services working delivering food. The States Bakes continued working at the old establishment, pausing only when the moving began, and resuming its activities after the moving was done. We are still waiting for the reopening of Cuscatlan Park so we can resume the States Cafés activities. We constantly pray to God for guidance and his favor, so that we can take these three programs to their maximum potential. These are opportunities that change the lives of our employees, serving to enlighten their future and show them God’s love. Please, pray for our programs, for our staff, for these kids, so that we all can overcome our current situation and continue helping the youth in El Salvador.