Our foundation prepares different events during the year for the orphanages, youth incarceration centers, communities, churches and other NGO’s we work with. These events play an important role for us in ongoing relationships and for the people involved in them.

Sometimes, we make smaller events, beach trips, volcano trips, museum visits, parks with different communities, centers and the local mayor’s office.

Many people benefit from these events are from communities, Orphanages, and clients / beneficiaries of the State Diner culinary program. These events are a huge opportunity for us to make a difference in their lives, let them know about the name of Jesus so that they know there are people that really care about them.

The donations for all the events are always needed. Children and families are thankful for these celebrations. For that reason, we continue to show the love of Christ to these people.

These are the key events we make every year:

  • February: Valentine’s Day (Youth outreach with Pastor Rene)
  • July: 4th of July Independence of the Unites States (car show and family day)
  • August: La Quinceañera (over 100 teenage girls)
  • October: Day of the Child
  • November: Thanksgiving Day
  • December: Christmas beach community party, and Angels Tree gifts for each orphanages and Christmas parties in multiple location.



February: Valentine’s Day

Around Valentine’s day we visit Ahuachapán which is a State in El Salvador where we have been working with for many years There’s around 1,000 kids in the communities we work in a small area called “Comunidad Chinchilla, Canton Chancuyo” are communities nearby that come with their kids and we give toys, gifts, food, clothing , and other items. We have 3-5 “jumpy things”, soccer games, Frisbee tournaments, face painting, snow cones, popcorn, Bibles and many other things. It’s a fun day.

July: 4th of July Car show Independence of the Unites States

On July the fourth we celebrate the independence of the United States. This celebration takes place in El Salvador at Salvador de Mundo. It is an open event for children and adults, this means that anyone can come to this event. This event is to let people know about our many projects. It and all-day event that ends at night with fireworks. We bring live music, DJ’s, dance companies, car show, “jumpy things”, American football, face painting, snow cones, popcorn, Bibles and many other things fun activities. Fun for the whole family.

August: La Quinceañeras

These celebrations are super special for us. Why are they so special?  Because we celebrate the 15th birthday of the girls of all the orphanages and communities that we work with. We make them feel special this day. People from the United States bring dresses to the girls and suits for the boys. For many this is the first experience they have choosing their dresses, jewelry, shoes, hair washed and styled, make up and fingernails done.  This is a true time to present the girls and introduce to the guests by name.

The event takes place in a hotel each event has a special theme so they can feel really special this day. We have a giant birthday cake, decorations and have special dances, presentations, Batucada and of course a long dance party!

October: Day of the Child

Day of the Child

This month we celebrate the day of the child in the orphanages and some communities. We have a giant party with popcorn, snow cones, face painting, piñatas and balloons, and a special gift for all the children.

This event happens in game centers, waterparks, bowling alleys children’s museums, or in the orphanages if they are not able or allowed to leave.

November: Thanksgiving Day

This one also takes place in States Diner culinary program. This event is also open to public and everybody is welcome they only must bring a family dish to share, it’s a time to share great food and celebrate as a family with 200 or so of your closest family members.

We pray and give thanks for everybody in the room and that God is truly blessing us.

December: Celebrating Christmas with communities, orphanages and Family! 

Christmas beach community party

This celebration takes place in La Libertad; we make this event for 3 different communities near the beach. This event has been going on for over 30 years and now it is our care for the last 10 years. All the people of this community know us because we have built dozens of houses in the community and fed thousands of families.

At this party we celebrate the Birth of Jesus with a short play about His life, the kids in the community also participate. We also have piñatas for the kids, snow cones, popcorn, face painting, balloons, gifts for the kids that are wrapped according to the age of the child and they get lunch and a snack. The last several years we have had almost 1000 in attendance.

Christmas Angel Tree

Every year we have a Christmas tree in the States Diner culinary program with Angels hanging that have a child’s name, age, shoe size, clothes size, and a special / toys they want. Everyone that visits has the opportunity to buy a special gift, wrap that gift for them, for one of the children that are truly special important to us. It is our wish to fulfill each wish that these children have.

When all the gifts arrive to States Diner, we organize them to send them to deliver to each orphanage and community and have a Christmas party with Santa to give them the gifts. They feel special, they feel loved and they know that they have not been forgotten on Christmas and that we are praying for them.

Check out our projects!

Bible Study

Also known as CBS program short for "Community Bible Studies" through this program we've been able to share the gospel in many different orphanages both government and private ones. We visit them at least once a week, teaching them about the love and grace of Jesus. We also include our transition houses in this program, we have a weekly devotional with all of them on Sundays.

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Centers we minister in

We work with the main orphanages in El Salvador, like CISNA, San Martin (Special Needs), San Vicente de Paul, Guirola and many more centers, both public and private. We also minister in juvenile prisons. We share the word of God with them, we do fun activities, sometimes we even get to take them out on a fun trip to places like the beach, bowling, movies or whatever we know they will like.

Meet His Children

Transition Homes

The project began in 2012, as one of the projects for Sus Hijos / His Children Foundation, supporting young adults and teenagers from both public and private children protection centers across El Salvador. When these teenagers turn eighteen, they are required to leave the centers where they have been most of their lives, forcing them into independence and a reality very different from what they are used to.

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House Building Program

The main objective of the project is to provide a wood House or a concrete House for a family at risk of separating; when the government determines that a family doesn't meet the minimum criteria for good living conditions for the Child, he or she is considered to be taken away from their family to live in the orphanages.
That's when we come in.
We build house thanks to the donations we receive from our donors, which God has always used to bless these lives.

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Feeding the Homeless

It is our desire to see this ministry nourish not only the physical needs, but the spiritual needs of those who are often forgotten. Many of these are children who have run away or have reached the limit age to remain in the government centers and didn’t have elsewhere to go.
We feed around 200 people in a run, we feed everyone on the streets: prostitutes, children, drunk and addicts. We don’t hold back, you shouldn’t either.

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Cosmetology School

The cosmetology school project, born in the heart of our founder, was named to honor his mother's salon: “You're someone special” in Hampton, Virginia and was named after the phrase she always used when evangelizing.
This project teaches 6 different foster care centers. They receive classes throughout the week in 8 different classes, depending on the level of practice they have. They start from the very basics from how to use a hairdryer, wash hair, cut hair to a lot more.

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Mission Trips

Come serve with us, we work for the Lord, we work for His Children. We take short- and long-term missioners, sometimes is a team from a Church, School or just a group of friends. You’ll serve along Sus Hijos / His Children Foundation staff and help us with the orphans, communities and our programs in El Salvador. We can help you come and set up a budget or maybe even help you on a fundraiser for your mission trip.

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Our foundation prepares different events during the whole year, one day we would be making animal balloons with the kids or another day we would be all dressing up to celebrate a special moment. While most of these events are for the orphans in the centers, we would also have special celebrations for specific times of the year where we would have the States Diner restaurant prepare something special for its customers.

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Culinary Program

This is our biggest program so far, is a culinary school which includes States Diner restaurant, States Bakes Bakery, States Cafe Cafeteria that allow us to provide a job and most of the times a first job experience for these young boys and girls between the ages of 18 to 22 at risk who aged out of ISNA care (government institution) that are interested in culinary skills.

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Bible Study
Centers we minister in
Transition Homes
House Building
Feeding the Homeless
Cosmetology School
Mission Trips
Culinary Program

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