His Children has many programs and projects that are mainly focused on children in risk of becoming gang members, ending up on the streets, being abused, or being separated from their family.

GOD has always been our main support and we will always praise Him for that, He's always found a way on how to provide for all of our programs, if it wasn't for Him and your help we could not be doing what we're doing right now.

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Bible Studies

We have been leading CBS Bible Studies in many different orphanages and prisons since 2016. This Studies consist of teaching the word of God by following different lessons throughout the year.

The mission of Community Bible Study is 'To make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in our communities through caring, in-depth Bible study, available to all'.

That’s why all of Sus Hijos / His Children Staff members visits weekly orphanages, center and prisons to share the word of God.

There are about twenty-five kids from twelve to eighteen years old, they love sports mainly soccer but will play some other sports like basketball or volleyball. They like card games and interacting with visitors. We usually try to do some sort of snack/pizza activity with them.

Needs: school supplies, jeans, socks, boxers (no tighty-whities), t-shirts, shoes, tennis shoes, soccer balls. (AGES FROM 12-17)

“The happiest place on Earth” About 80 people in this center all special needs adults over 18. They love to dance, love stickers, band aids and handcrafts. They L-O-V-E music. We will sometimes go house to house when they are not allowed or can’t go out of the house and sing to them. This may be a step out of your comfort zone, but it’ll be totally worth it.

Needs: Adult diapers, wipes, shoes (adult sizes) Overalls (adult sizes) Pajamas, clothing, soccer balls. (AGES FROM 18- 99+)

There are about one hundred special-needs children under the age of eighteen, some with HIV. As they are very strong young men, at times, they do get physical. However, because they are so full of love and no expectations, the children in Guirola love to have one-on-one time to get to know new people.

Needs: Bibs and baby wipes for the ones with movement disorders, shoes, underwear, socks, onesies pajamas, soccer balls, baby wipes. (AGES FROM 11-17)

This center has approximately under 200 kids all ages. They love sports like basketball, soccer, skateboarding, handcrafts, face painting and a lot more. Also, in this center we’ll work with Teen Moms and their babies. They have 8-12 teen moms ranging 12 years old up to 17 years old, some have babies, and some are still pregnant. We sometimes get the opportunity to feed and love on the babies and toddlers and other children in the center.

Needs: Clothing all sizes and ages, cloth diapers, shoes, flipflops, baby ointments, baby stuff, school supplies (in January mostly) and toys. (AGES FROM 0-17)


This is always a tough one. We work with 2 sectors in the Girls Prison that house about 85 girls.  In the young man prison, we work with over 200 boys. They have committed crimes ranging from robbery to murder, most of them are gang members and all need Jesus.

Needs: Socks, bras, underwear (men and women) flip flops and soccer balls. (AGES FROM 18-22)

These are our kids.10-16 boys and girls over 18. These are the ones that are tough to love. You will get a tour of the homes and meet the staff that runs them. If we have time you may have dinner with them and have an opportunity to share a bible study or devotional with them.

Needs: Deodorant, socks, bras, underwear, board games, shoes, clothing in general. (AGES FROM 18-21)

CIPI, Love Garden, Cambia tu Vida, Construyendo mi Futuro, Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos, Children’s Home, Puertas de Amor, Hogar Infantil de Zacatecoluca, Marillac, Mi Casa Kids, Ceiba, Aldeas SOS.


Orphanages we minister in

We work with many private and government orphanages, prisons, and special needs centers all around El Salvador. Each of these center's population vary, we visit them all with our CBS Bible Study Program and with the Missions Teams that come visit us.

Some of the kids in the center do get physical and are strong, they all love to meet new people and visit new places. They are so full of love and no expectations.

Transition Homes

We have two separate houses under the same program. Boy’s and Girl’s Transition Houses, formerly known by

Bosques de la Paz (Boy’s Transition House)

Manos del Alfarero (Girl’s Transition House)

This is a program that helps transition children coming out of government and private orphanages that have turn eighteen (age of majority in El Salvador), sometimes they have nowhere to live, nowhere to go, and no one to help them. So that’s where this program helps them, we focus on helping boys and girls that have a high risk of becoming homeless, using drugs or involved in prostitution, etc. We work with them on 5 different aspects in their lives: Job hunting, education, health, psychological care and spirituality.

As of March 2020, we have 3 Boy’s Transition House Coordinators and 2 Girls Transition House Coordinators, we are working currently with 3 girls and 9 boys respectively.

House Building Program

Our main goal is to avoid that the government would take kids away from their families and put them in a foster care center; Or even worse, one of our main concerns is that, because of the lack of possibilities and by not having a decent roof, kids end up in the streets or in the gangs. That is why this building program is so important.

Depending in every situation, if they own the land, we build a concrete house. If they don't own it then we build a wooden house, which is built in a way so that families can easily take them apart and reassemble them in another location when needed. Most of the time we furnish these houses.

We have two types of building

These houses are made of  cinder blocks, concrete and steel specially for big families that have legal property of the land.

These wood houses are for families who are squatting a land they don’t own, made of fiberboard and wood. Prefabricated by our building staff and easy to disassemble when needed.

Building homes to keep families together

Feeding the Homeless

It is our desire to see this ministry nourish not only the physical needs, but the spiritual needs of those who are often forgotten. Many of these are children who have run away or grown past the acceptable age to remain in the government centers. We incorporate the North American teams, our transition homes, our missionaries and others.

This provides an opportunity to show the young men and women coming from the government centers, just how important it is to help others. Our upcoming plans for the feeding outreach include acquiring a food service vehicle which could be used to prepare hot meals on the spot for those who are struggling. We do not have any food or housing programs in El Salvador. When a person gets to this point in life it is hard to get out of it. We feed prostitutes, children, old people and anyone who needs it. We don't hold back. You shouldn't either. This is a tough ministry.

Cosmetology School

Founded in 2019, while visiting different centers we noticed that there are a lot of young women and men that are interested in cosmetology, for which we decided to start the Cosmetology School. This was all in Kurt’s heart to help these young people develop skills for the hair industry. These are classes free of charge for those in the foster care system where they can develop skills to learn how to use a hairdryer, wash hair, cut hair and a lot more. This was all inspired by Kurt’s mother Valia Ackermann since she has a Hair Salon in Hampton, Virginia named “You’re someone special”

We have plans to make this project bigger, and we have high hopes that God will allow us bring it to a level that can make young people aging out of the foster care system become more independent by learning new occupations like this.

Mission Trips

We wouldn’t be able to do everything we do without your help.

If you are thinking of coming to El Salvador, don’t think about it any longer!

Ask for more information, tell your family, friends and EVERYBODY what you will be doing, and keep it in your prayers, so that God may show you what specifically He wants to do here, through you, your talents and your team.
This is a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE. You come to El Salvador, you help change lives, but we also know that your life will never be the same after this experience, if you allow the Holy Spirit to use you as He wants.

Whatever talent and gift you have, God has given it to you, so you can use it to impact others: "Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God's grace in its various forms." 

1 Peter 4:10


Our foundation prepares different events during the whole year, one day we would be making animal balloons with the kids or another day we would be all dressing up to celebrate a special moment. While most of these events are for the orphans in the centers, we would also have special celebrations for specific times of the year where we would have the States Diner restaurant prepare something special for its customers.

Our volunteers are a super important part of these events because they make this possible.

Throughout the year we make events like Valentine’s Day, The Independence of the United States (July the 4th), La Quiceañera (15th Party), Day of the Child and Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas beach community party and Angels collection gifts. In addition, we have small events in different communities and centers.

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