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Sus Hijos has two separate transition homes; Forest of Peace for teen boys and Potters Hand for teen girls. Each home is staffed with 2 adults: a Spanish speaking Salvadorian and a North American. The purpose of this is to improve the English skills of the teenagers and the children in the transition homes that come from the centers where we volunteer frequently. This is an advantage of getting to know the children in the centers. Each home is planned to care for 8 teens for a period of 2 years. Our program meets the physical needs of the child; food, shelter and clothing in a physically safe environment, but we also, and more importantly, provide the nurturing and guidance a teen desperately needs during these years. We provide everything necessary for the child to continue their education through online learning or continued classroom schooling. We help the children find a job and learn to manage their finances with skills for future independent living; neither of these skills was provided in the centers.  Each home has a fully stocked kitchen where the children can learn to grocery shop, plan and prepare meals (something they were never allowed to do in the centers) and learn the responsibility of cleaning, washing there clothing and caring for a home. It is exciting to see these young adults gradually grow into independent, self-supporting young adults. We provide weekly and if necessary, emergency, counseling to help the children cope with their past experiences and prepare for the future with a healthy outlook. Our goal is to take 16 children or more forced to leave the centers and teach them how to plan and prepare for independent living, providing them hope and a future.