​​​Working for the Lord, Working for His Children

Kurt Ackermann, worst missionary ever, father and grandfather, serving in El Salvador for 16 years. 

Edwin Rolando Ortiz Melendez He is married with no children of his own yet.  He is member of Getsemani MCA church and the worship team leader. He is in charge of logistics  with short term teams from the United States.

Raul Orellana,  He is married to Kenia Orellana and has a daughter named Abigail Orellana. Has been preaching for over 12 years in churches, parks, hospitals and prison because I love God and I'm a server of God. Sus Hijos Spirtual leader

​Steve Portillo, has a technical degree in computer networking and a bachelor in English language. Worked for Dell call center for 7.5 years. Currently working as Operations Manager for Sus Hijos overseeing the projects the foundation implements.

Jorge Alberto Hernánde He studies and is in his last year at the university. Has a holy passion to share the God´s word and like to inspire young people to follow their dreams. He know's that Jesus is his best friend who has helped him to be in this Foundation to help every boy who are in the Boys Transition House. He love's what he does because Jesus did it for me. Leader of the Boys transition home.

John and Judy Skinner joined the Sus Hijos team in February 2014. They spend their time cooking, shopping and meeting the needs of the teams from the States in the Mission House. When there are no teams to serve, John and Judy go to the centers, prisons and communities furthering the ministry of Community Bible Study (CBS). In charge of the mission house. 

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