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His Children

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Prefab wood houses

In 2010, Sus Hijos began to build wood houses for families who are squatting on their land. Through our prefabrication, we’re able to provide the families with better quality homes at a lower cost. We have full time employees who are dedicated to the prefabrication and construction of these houses. Our primary goal for building these houses are to keep the families together and lower the risk of having their children placed into government centers due to the fact that they are living in extreme poverty. The method in which the houses are constructed allows them to be taken apart and reassembled if necessary. This is because many of the families which we work with are not the actual owners of the property in which they live. Our houses are also constructed with a rain collection system that allows the family to collect the rain water which can be used for cleaning, washing clothing, or even drinking water if they have access to the proper filtration systems. These house are built with wood and fiber board. The cost is $2,600 per house. $600 to furnish the house. 

Forever Concrete Homes

These homes are made of  cinder blocks,concrete and steel. this house is 20x20 with 2 bedrooms and a large living room / kitchen. These homes are better for larger families and can last for forever. These are for people that own the land or are buying in from the bank. These houses are built for a family to have security, stay dry and have a home to pass on to next generations. The cost is $5,000 per house. $1400 to furnish the houses. 

​​​Working for the Lord, Working for His Children