Feeding His Peeps
It is our desire to see this ministry nourish not only the physical needs, but the spiritual needs of those who are often forgotten. Many of these are children who have run away or grown past the acceptable age to remain in the government centers. We incorporate the North American teams, our transition homes, our missionaries and others.  This provides an opportunity to show the young men and women coming from the government centers, just how important it is to help others. Our upcoming plans for the feeding outreach include acquiring a food service vehicle which could be used to prepare hot meals on the spot for those who are struggling. We do not have any food or housing programs in El Salvador. When  a person gets to this point in life it is hard to get out of it. We feed prostitutes, children, old people and anyone who needs it. We don't hold back. You shouldn't either. This is a tough ministry.  

​​​Working for the Lord, Working for His Children

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His Children

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