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The government intake center for El Salvador, is located in the capital city of San Salvador. Children are brought to this facility for various reasons ranging from abandonment, physical danger, removal from the streets, or charged with a crime. The population is made up of newborn babies, boys up to the age of 10, teenage girls, pregnant teenage girls, and teenage mothers with their children.
The center is supposed to be a place of transition, with the goal of placing the children in more appropriate centers; however most of the girls stay until the age of 18, when they must leave the center. There is a school on site however, it is not mandatory that the children attend. The population varies from 40-100 children.
An ongoing goal of Sus Hijos is to make the transition out of the center into everyday life a safer and more prepared one. We strive to build positive and loving relationships and friendships with the children through crafts, Bible Study,English classes,  movie nights, day trips to the beach and athletic activities such as softball and soccer.​

San Vicente de Paul

This is another government center that has over 200 children. It is run by the Catholic Church and they do a great job with the children. We are just used and abused helping to take care and love on the babies a couple of days a week. I could spend my whole day here loving and kissing on the babies. This is a dream job! 


This is an under 18 special needs center located outside of San Salvador. The children have all types of different disabilities. Some of them do go to training off site and they do offer some physical therapy. This center has a population of approximately 70 children. We love to help out the staff feeding the Children lunch or dinner or taking them to the beach is the best blessing a person can experience. 

More centers we work in:

CIS El Espino Youth Boys Prison

​CIS Femenino Youth Girls Prison

Cambia Tu Vida 

Trata Sexually Persecuted Youth

Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos

Centro Marillac 

Hogar Moraga

Hogar Magana


CISNA is an all-boys government center located in El Salvador. The boys range in age from 10-17 years old as the child must leave the center on his 18th birthday. These boys are typically the harder to place boys who are under protective orders from judges or have been orphaned or abandoned by unfit parents and/or abusive households. Most of them are here permanently. The population fluctuates from 15-20 throughout the year, as boys are sent to other private centers or visiting family for holidays. The center has lacks staffing and funding. There is a school on site but it is lacking in many areas. These boys lack the basic necessities as well as strong role models and father figures necessary to succeed in life. The goal of Sus Hijos is to let these boys know they are loved and that someone cares about their future. We do this through athletic activities such as soccer and basketball (the boys are really talented and leave us exhausted), Bible Study, movie nights, day trips to the beach and just hanging out. 


San Martin is an adult special needs center located in San Martin, El Salvador. It is home for 75-100 men and women, ranging in age from 16 to 50 and most who are placed at San Martin will be there for the rest of their lives. The disabilities range from hearing and language impaired, mental and physical handicaps, and lifelong special needs. These people have a 'Heart of gold', love each day and the newness it brings. They have no expectations of those who visit and love music, dancing, simple crafts and having fun! This is one of our favorite places to visit at Christmas as their joy in simple pleasures is contagious. They only want love and time which they are more than happy to share and give back in return. The goal of Sus Hijos is to live and laugh for a few special hours, to provide a change in pace from the regular day. The staff has fun with us as well! We do this by providing music, dancing and fun by DJ Lilly (a translator and party person for Sus Hijos), coloring, snacks or an occasional day trip to the beach!

​​​Working for the Lord, Working for His Children